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Tax Bracketology

A graphical look at tax burdens based on income and spread across multiple year’s worth of tax tables. […]

The Gift of Years

What?! Another birthday so soon!? No, you haven’t lost 6 months of your life, and The Count isn’t 41… yet! Due to the overwhelming popularity of my Birthday article, it became clear to me that even those people that weren’t born during the awesome year of 1969 would like to be able to see […]

A Hard Lesson Learned

Have you ever had a problem stuck in your head, and you couldn’t find the answer? I was recently reminded of a problem I first came up with while doing a statistics workbook the summer of my 3rd grade year (yes, my math-teacher mother gave us workbooks to do during summer break… hey, it […]

Streaking surprise

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I’m a football fan… well, more specifically the NFL. I hear that colleges other than the one I went to actually have their own teams and that quite a lot of people think that the outcomes of these “college football games” are important, but I never saw the appeal. […]

Counting time

Happy Birthday to me. Yes, that’s right, you’re friendly Count was born 40 years ago today, which just happened to be Labor Day in 1969. In light of this special event, I’ve prepared a little set of numbers just for fun. None of this is particularly important, just a bit of mind-candy for my […]

The heart of baseball, served rare

Jonathan Sanchez’ no-hitter brings thoughts of baseball’s more rare statistics to the forefront. From perfect games to multi-home-run games, we go over just how rare these events are. […]